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Laser Photonics Corporation announced the expansion of its Service Partner Network (SPN) program

Laser Photonics Corporation (NASDAQ: LASE), a leading global developer of industrial CleanTech Laser Systems for laser cleaning and other materials applications, today announced the expansion of its Service Partner Network (SPN) program.

Wayne Tupuola, Chief Executive Officer of Laser Photonics, commented, “The Service Partner Network is an integral part of our growth strategy, enabling strategic alliances with individuals and companies that will help drive our long-term growth objectives. Today’s announcement includes the formation of an internal team dedicated to supporting this program and enabling our state-of-the-art product portfolio to reach potential customers more quickly. By enabling entrepreneurs to provide a vast array of services to the industries we serve, both on a domestic and international basis, we believe we can speed adoption of our world-class products.”

The Service Partner Network is a fast-track way for individual business owners and small companies to start a new and exciting laser cleaning business with support from Laser Photonics Corporation. Service Partner Network Members benefit from access to financing for Laser Photonics equipment, high quality leads and sales opportunities for services and LPC equipment. Members have access to a vast array of entrepreneurial opportunities including providing laser cleaning services in the corrosion, rust and oxide removal, coating and overspray, grease and rust, and the marine boat industry. Applications can include including biofilm and graffiti removal, mold and commercial grill cleaning, amongst others.

Laser Photonics projects adding an additional 5 to 10 new service partners in major markets and key locations near automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, nuclear and military facilities in 2023.

In 2022, Laser Photonics Corporation originated financing agreements with 12 service partners, leading to over $1 million in sales of CleanTech products. Its partners also helped close an additional $1.5 million in sales through sampling and on-site customer demos coordinated by Laser Photonics Corporation’s inside sales team.

Laser Photonics is committed not only to our green cleaning technology but also to our social responsibility. The Service Partner Network is a fantastic opportunity for families looking to start a new business backed by a leading manufacturer. The program provides interested parties with competitive financing options and ready-built Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans packed with all of the gear needed to start a mobile laser cleaning business.

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