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Team Laser Photonics


Laser Photonics is a leading brand in high-tech laser systems for industrial applications worldwide. Our products are used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, electronics, semiconductor, flat panel, and medical. We are known for our innovative laser products and technologies, backed by worldwide licenses and patents.


In 2008, Laser Photonics was nominated as the Best Brand of the Year and has received global recognition. We prioritize high-quality standards in design and manufacturing, offering the best products in terms of quality, performance, range, and price.

Our commitment to quality is evident in every component and sub-assembly we manufacture, ensuring long-term serviceability. Our machines are equipped with specialized software for precise task execution and offer a longer lifespan compared to other systems.

Our products are versatile, capable of handling tasks like engraving, marking, and cutting. We also provide small laser marking OEM kits for integration into automated assembly lines.

Our competitive prices are a result of an efficient product structure. We build products at a low cost, allowing us to offer complete systems at prices comparable to competitors' components.

Laser Photonics has a long history of delivering better throughput, higher quality, and lower ownership costs. Our equipment is trusted by renowned companies worldwide. Our present license holders are dedicated to maintaining the legendary performance of Laser Photonics Brand Equipment and providing exceptional support to our customers.


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