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Welcome To Our Store!
Welcome To Our Store!

Eco-friendly Laser Cleaning

Low Cost, Eco-Friendly, Laser Cleaning is the most efficient replacement to sandblasting, abrasive blasting, and chemical cleaning that leaves surfaces highly uniform and contamination-free
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Efficient Laser Marking

Revolutionary for Asset Tracking, QR Codes, Part Marking & more to preserve the integrity and safety of components and tooling
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High-performance Laser Cutting

Serving as the #1 Leading Partner of Fortune 1000 Companies in Aerospace, Defense, Energy, and Shipbuilding for over 35 years
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Custom Laser Solutions

Industrial-grade, maintenance-free Laser Cutting Systems defined by unsurpassed technology advantages, ultra-low power consumption, and repeatable pin-point laser placement performance-setting new benchmarks in the cutting of complex patterns
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“We recently tested a Laser Photonics LN120C laser that had sat unused for nearly 20 years. We were delighted to find that the laser operated well despite the long duration in storage. We are planning to use it to test Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM) for future space experiments.”

Nasa - Astrophysics Science Division

“The laser machine is working perfectly and getting acquainted with the new system. Thanks again for helping us with the process of getting this laser on-line and functional.

We will keep a line of communication with you for future reference."

Kel-Tec Weapons

“Laser Photonics’ equipment has worked out very well for us, and we have developed a valuable relationship with the company.”

Gables Engineering


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