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MarkStar™ Handheld Laser Marker LPC-MS

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The MarkStar™ LPC-MS is a handheld fiber laser marking system designed for true portability in the field or warehouse operating off both AC/DC power sources.  For oversized applications, the MarkStar™ LPC-MS is the laser marking system of choice and it is built to handle marking nearly any surface type, with a marking area of 2” x 2”.

The MarkStar™ LPC-MS is an industrial-grade system designed to operate under continuous high-vibration, shock, and dust conditions and is Windows 10 compatible.  All Direct Parts Marking (DPM), including UDI/UID barcodes, logos, and all other service marks are permanent, legible and non-removable with special attention to highly reflective metals.  The MarkStar™ system is maintenance-free and requires no consumables with a MTBF rating of > 50,000 hours.

Note :

Please contact a sales engineer before purchasing to ensure you are getting the appropriate system for your material processing needs. Our team is happy to discuss your unique application, customization needs, current promotions, and schedule a sample in our application lab at no cost.

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• 2D UDI/UID Barcoding
• Sequential Serial Numbers
• Lot and Dates Codes
• Medical/Automotive Coding
• IC Chip Package Marking
• Part Numbering
• Surface Annealing/Etching
• 3D Engraving/Deep Engraving
• OCR Code Marking
• Alphanumeric Marking
• Logos and Schematics
• Anodized Ablation
• Paint Ablation & Removal
• Coating Ablation
• Complex Graphics

• Aluminum
• Synthesized Plastics
• Titanium and Nickel
• Copper And Brass
• Polycarbonate
• Polypropylene
• Painted Metal Alloys
• Chrome & Cast Iron
• Coated Plastic
• Rubber & Silicon
• Nylon/Valox
• Multi-Coated Materials
• Galvanized Metals
• Carbide/PVC
• Glass
• Ceramics
• And More!

Model Number: LPC-MS
Power Output: 20 Watt
Laser Safety Class: Class IV
Wavelength: 1064 nm
Operating Mode: Q-switch
Cable Length: 3m
Marking Area: 2” x 2”
User Interface: USB Port Supporting Windows 10/FiberScan C3 LT
Operational Voltage: 110v/220v, 8A
Unit Weight: Handheld Unit: 4.1kg (9lbs) Total System: 13.6kg (30lbs)
Operating Temperature: 0-40°C (32°-104°F)
Cooling System: Mini-Exhaust Ventilator
Safety Features: Emergency Stop, Key Switch, Remote Interlock, Reset & Emission Indication